One-of-a-kind portraits, shot on film.

I will work with you in a comfortable environment to help you feel as relaxed, confident, and curious as possible, with as much or as little direction from me as you need.

The pace of a film portrait shoot is much slower than the pace of a digital shoot. In a standard session, we will take around sixty to one hundred photos over the course of two hours. I will deliver five to ten beautiful images that capture you the way you want to be captured.

I lightly edit my images for things like tone, hue, and contrast while retaining the warm, natural look that film produces.

Get in touch via email to set up a phone consultation.

Studio or Outdoor Shoot

1 backdrop (applies to studio session) and up to 2 outfits

1.5-2 hours

5-10 beautiful film photographs, lightly edited for tone and color correction and emailed to you

1 16" x 20" Giclee fine art print of my choice delivered in person or by mail (your preference)

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